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Guide to Giving

What a Difference Your Gift Can Make


Xray machine purchased with donated funds

Lopez clinic couldn’t exist without the financial support of the local community. Since opening its doors in 1974, our clinic has been equipped, maintained and expanded with islanders’ membership dues, gifts and contributions. Because it relies on community support, it’s fair to say that Lopez clinic belongs to all of us here on the island.

There are a variety of ways you can help. Whether your support is a one-time gift, annual membership donation, or designation to one of the CWMA’s investment funds, your generosity will make a powerful difference in keeping first-class healthcare right here on Lopez.

Examples of islanders’ generosity abound. Thanks to an anonymous gift of $100,000 in 2006, the clinic purchased state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment providing clearer imaging and improved consultation capability. In 2010 two residents combined their donations to purchase a state-of-the-art SonixTOUCH ultrasound machine.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of equipment for the clinic, please view the current needs on the Wish List below and contact us. We will make sure your donation goes to that purpose.

Dr. Wilson using Ultrasound machine purchased with donations


CWMA Membership

Membership in Catherine Washburn Medical Association is open to all. Annual dues are still just $25 per family. These memberships contribute thousands of dollars each year towards maintenance and upkeep of our 5800-square-foot clinic. As a CWMA member, your check helps keep the clinic strong, gives you the opportunity to vote for the CWMA board and a voice in the future of Lopez clinic.

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CWMA Investment Fund Designation

In addition to membership dues, many islanders make an annual donation to support one or more of the CWMA’s five investment funds.

Maintenance and Operations Fund

Provides upkeep of the clinic building and grounds

Equipment/Special Projects Fund

Purchases state-of-the-art medical equipment for Lopez clinic

Reserve Fund

Creates funding for capital improvements and emergency needs

Sikstrom Fund

For charitable patient care of Lopez residents

Endowment Fund

Provides perpetual income for funding of major capital improvements

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Donations and memorial gifts

Formerly engraved Plaques were displayed in the waiting room and other areas in the clinic to recognize donors and deceased residents for whom memorial gifts had been received by CWMA in support of the clinic.

We now will recognize significant donations and memorial gifts in Island Medicine, a book published in 2014 and updated annually. This book presents the rich history of medical care on Lopez Island and the contribution of CWMA to the creation and maintenance of the Lopez Island Clinic.

Those who have donated $100 or more will be listed as Clinic DONORS

Gifts of $1000 or more will be listed as Clinic SPONSORS

Gifts of $5000 or more will be listed as Clinic PATRONS

In the fall membership dues and donations are solicited by mail in an annual fund drive.

To make donations at any time or to make a gift in loving memory of a deceased individual please call CWMA Treasurer Edwin Termulo at 468-2244 or email us at:

Special Gifts and Estate Planning

For information about making a larger financial donation or including the Lopez Island Clinic in your estate giving plans, please contact CWMA Board President George LeBoutillier at  468-2683.

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Wish List

The clinic staff maintains a “Wish List.” For many islanders, Wish List giving is a tangible way to make a lasting contribution to our community’s well-being. Over the years, Lopezians’ gifts have made a huge difference at the clinic. If you would like to make an equipment purchase for the clinic, please Contact Us.  


THANKS to our generous community, ALL of the following items have been purchased!

  1. Exam room bed
  2.  Cassettes for imaging screens
  3.  Spriometer
  4.  Suture sets
  5.  Glaucoma monitor
  6.  Four new blood pressure cuffs